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Ah, memories…Surrounded by loved ones, watching as dear old Dad clicks through the slides of last year’s trip to Crater Lake. Or perhaps the gang is gathered around Mom’s photo albums, laughing at the pictures of your little brother with a saucepan on his head and a cape fashioned from a dish towel. That’s the idealized version – the reality is that dad’s slides are totally unorganized, half of them are upside down, and the old slide projector’s bulb is burned out and hasn’t been out of storage since 1982. And Mom’s photo albums…well, let’s just say that while your memories may last a lifetime, the glue on the pages of those old albums doesn’t, and every time you turn a page, all of the photos fall into your lap.

Patchin Pictures® can help you channel your inner Dad and bring your photo and slide collections into the 21st century. We’ll scan your slides and photos to digital files and transfer them to CD DVD or flash drive, archiving them and preserving and protecting them from loss and damage. You can easily enjoy your treasured memories more than ever, knowing you’ve saved them from time and the elements, and you’ll be able to share them effortlessly with your family and friends via CD, DVD, e-mail, social media, and text. We can even make extra copies to give as gifts or to keep as backups. Have Patchin Pictures® scan your photos and slides today so they will be safe tomorrow.

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