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Tell the story of you, your family and your business with a Moving Picture Montage Video by Patchin Pictures®. Nothing will mean more to your friends and family than a Moving Picture Montage Video exclusively from Patchin Pictures®. You’re giving them LIFE in video. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, memorial or an important gift to hand down to your children, you’ll find the qualities and options to suit your needs in these special videos. We also produce more extensive video biographies and documentaries.

  • For anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, special occasions, memorials and more.
  • From simple projects to elaborate productions.
  • Let Patchin Pictures tell your story from your pictures, slides and videos.
  • Full narration and music available.
  • Custom graphic design.

Contact us or fill out the form below, and ask for our free Moving Picture Montage Preparation Guide. We’ll send you a PDF of our guide, which will help you prepare your project.

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Moving Picture Montage Preparation Guide

These guidelines will help you organize your material (photos, slides, film, and videos) for
inclusion in your Moving Picture Montage. If you’re not sure about something, don’t worry.
This isn’t as overwhelming as it looks. We’ll work it out during your consultation. If you
have any questions at any time during this process, please call us. We’re here to help.

1. Pick Your Materials. Decide which photographs, slides or digital images you want to
use in your video. You may also choose films and videos that you want to include.

2. Organize Your Images. Put the photographs in the order you want them to appear.
This is commonly done by date, but you might choose to order them by subject
(vacations, holidays, people, etc.) or some other meaningful pattern that tells your story
best. Random order may work, too. We can make suggestions if you’re not sure.

3. Number Your Images. Number all the pictures in the order you want them to appear.
Be sure to write only on the backs of the photographs, and only in pencil. For slides,
you can write in pencil directly on the cardboard. For digital images, put them in a new
folder on your computer and rename them based on the number in which you want them
to appear. For example: “001, 002,” etc. Next, burn them onto a CD or data DVD, or
supply a thumb drive. When you mix photographs, slides and digital images, use the
photographs as the main stack and use sheets of paper with the numbers of the digital
images or slides on the paper. Put the sheets of paper into the stack of pictures.

4. Choose Your Music. Decide what music selections you want to use. If you have no
specific preference, tell us a general tone or genre and we can provide licensed music.
If you have particular songs, bring the CDs. Keep in mind that an average length song
will cover 25 to 30 pictures, depending on the length of the song. If you bring your own
CDs, please tell us which songs you need and in what order they will be used. Use
song titles and track numbers when listing the songs.

5. Choose Your Titles. Decide what you want your opening and closing titles to be.
Keep in mind that the opening title is usually the main title of the video, and will appear
on the labels of your DVDs, too. You might also want additional titles within your video.
Write them on paper and insert them into your stack where you want them to
appear. Indicate whether they will stand alone or appear over a picture. If they are over
a pictures, list the picture numbers and keep the titles short.

6. Choose Your Extras. Think about any extras you might want. Are there pictures that
might need a title to explain who or what your audience is looking at? Do you have
home video or film footage that you want to insert into the video? Do you need extra
DVD copies for family and friends?

7. Bring Everything to Patchin Pictures®. Call us for an appointment so we can meet
with you to finalize the design of your moving picture montage.
Remember, this list is just a guideline to help you prepare. We’re here to help you create your
moving picture montage. Please call us with your questions. We hope you enjoy the process as
much as we do. Call (702) 240-6777 to schedule your appointment or to ask questions. Thank you.


Give us a call at 702-240-6777 or use this contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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