Rock Waterfall by Steve Patchin

Rock Waterfall Impressions by Steve Patchin

Photo Painting This expressionistic image started with a very plain and realistic high desert photo I shot in Montana. The composition was good, but it needed something more. So as I worked on it, the picture evolved into a wild waterfall behind some crazy trees. From just rocks and a mountain to a waterfall, yes, it…

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Panorama Examples

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Keystone Thrust Sunrise

The hill, or thrust, on which this picture was taken is a unique geologic feature because the rocks on top are older than those on the bottom. We enjoyed the peaceful morning waiting for the sunrise. Because this image is a full 360 degree view, it is also part of our Red Rock National Conservation Area…

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Zion Winter Sunset

I stood in this field for more than an hour as the sun moved behind the trees and then behind the mountain. I enjoyed watching the light change, moving from sharp back lighting to intensely deep blues and pinks as the sun completely disappeared. I took many panoramic shots as the light changed. This 180…

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Colorful Clouds at Lee Canyon

I shot this in July, 2014 along Lee Canyon Road, Nevada on the way to Mt. Charleston. I didn’t get around to post-processing it until April, 2015. This is a 180 degree panorama. These are some of the most intense and colorful clouds I’ve ever seen, and I’m very pleased I was there to get…

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Pine Creek Sunrise over Las Vegas

We backpacked behind Red Rock National Conservation Area and spent the night at the top of Pine Creek. This was our greeting in the morning, a calm, orange sunrise as the swallows whizzed past our heads with the sounds of tiny jets. This portion of the cliff is approximately 2,000 feet above Pine Creek. This…

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What is Art?

With the knowledge that the auction record for a photograph is $4.3 million (see my blog $4.3 Million for a Photograph?) a discussion about art and photography is appropriate, but more generally, a discussion about what art is. I’ve called myself a photographer since the 80s, but I didn’t think about whether or not I…

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Red Rock Yucca Sunrise

This panorama shows an approximately 200 degree view and is made with 13 images to reveal the sharpness and detail from foreground to background in Red Rock National Conservation Area. The tallest section is Mt. Wilson. The rain during the night left the desert looking clean and colorful. I waited for the right moment, just…

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Phil Maloof Art Collection Virtual Tour

This tour takes you into virtual rooms we designed and created specifically to house Phil Maloof’s real art collection. In the real world, this art collection is housed in small rooms and in storage, so very few people can see these paintings. In the virtual world we created, you can explore many rooms of various…

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I Could Have Shot that with My Phone

Are we losing our ability to discern good from bad? What’s the difference between junk snapshots and artistic photography? As we browse through social media sites, endless photo sharing sites, and other online newsfeeds, we see hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures daily. The ubiquitous nature of photography diminishes the value and uniqueness of good photographs.…

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