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Welcome to your trusted Las Vegas video production, photography and duplication source for families and businesses since 1996. At Patchin Pictures®, we’ll meet all your video and photography needs, and we’ll do it right.

Making successful videos and stand-out photography requires more than good equipment. It requires what we at Patchin Pictures have cultivated through years of producing exemplary work for our clients: practical application of our experience and knowledge to deliver effective results. Now, new equipment is streamlined and much less expensive. Cameras and computers are better and more powerful. Software is more sophisticated and more useful. Almost anyone can buy equipment that delivers better technical quality than the now out-dated stuff we had in the beginning. But does that mean “anyone” can produce effective, targeted, high-quality videos and photography? Some might think so, but don’t be fooled. The need for talent, experience and expertise hasn’t changed just because consumer quality equipment is easier to buy. In fact, it’s more important than ever, considering the proliferation of visual clutter everywhere. You need to stand out. The videos you make using your friend’s cousin’s phone may be free, but to your loved ones and clients, they will LOOK free. We at Patchin Pictures can’t give you FREE, but we can deliver what you need: professional quality with professional results. We have won 10 Emmys for our work, and we put that experience and expertise into all our projects.

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Looking for video production and photography services in Las Vegas? Tape transfers and DVD duplication? Video file conversions? Picture and slide scanning? Do you need these services for your business? Your family? Well, we’re here for all these things and more. For businesses, we offer a wide array of services that will help your business grow, get seen better and solve problems. For families, we’ll archive your pictures, slides, and tapes. Even more, we’ll create unique videos from all those family memories. From photo-video montages to extensive productions; from single tape to DVD transfers to large scale duplication and replication, we are your experts and your trusted video production and photography source in Las Vegas since 1996. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.


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We take pride in providing great customer service.
Here are some customer testimonials:

  • I have lived in Las Vegas for 10 years. I have seen many companies come and go and I have chosen to stop using certain companies over the years. Patchin Pictures is one company that I STILL USE!!! Not only do they have some of the best customer service I have ever encountered, but the quality, price and turn-around cannot be beat!!! I needed a memorial video done for a funeral on a Saturday, and I did not get a chance to get to Patchin Pictures to have them help me until Friday morning. Normally there is a 2 business day turn around. They dropped everything they were doing and with care and compassion they took hold of my project. When I came in on Friday afternoon, not only was my project done and ready to go, but it was neatly packaged and beautifully done. I would certainly recommend Patchin Pictures to anyone and everyone. Patchin Pictures is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!

    — Wayne R. —
  • Thank you for the excellent work you did transforming some of our 8mm film into a delightful DVD fammily treasure.

    — Rose Marie P. —
  • This video was a Christmas gift from me to the rest of the family which has all moved away. It really brought into focus how much my family means to me.

    — Darlene C. —
  • You provide excellent service in a timely and cost-conscious fashion. You produce first-class work. We’ve received comments from television stations that broadcast our client’s videos without even previewing the product . . . all we had to say was that Patchin Pictures produced the project. You can’t have a better reputation than that.

    — Sharon Rorman, Aztec Communication —
  • Our video is a family member’s milestone, so it was very important and special to us, our Bar Mitzvah boy, and our whole family! Our experiences over the past three years (3 Bar Mitzvahs in 3 years) has been exceptional. We’re always pleased with the quality and professionalism of Patchin Pictures. Thanks again for making another (x3) beautiful memory and keepsake that will be cherished forever!

    — The K. Family —
  • I was so happy to give the DVD to my granddaughter on her 34th birthday – film she didn’t know existed. She was thrilled. Great customer service. Great job.

    — Marie R. —
  • To watch our family and friends when we were all a lot younger was great. To see and hear loved ones that are no longer with us was priceless. Thank you!

    — Mary D. —
  • My mother-in-law’s father died, and it brought tears to her eyes to watch him on video and will be cherished and watched many times. It was a great feeling to give a gift that meant so much to her. Thank you.

    — Lary and Carol W. —
  • Not only is the end product “Simply the Best,” but the customer service and project process is a great experience.

    — Holly Vest, Director, Thrillusions —
  • I never feel out of place or ignorant, with Patchin Pictures, though I’m challenged electronically. I trust I will never be overcharged or insulted by my lack of knowledge. Thank you!

    — Kelly B. —


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If you want to make a Moving Picture Montage or if you’re planning to edit your video, you can save time and money with our preparation guides. Just fill out the contact form below or give us a call. Ask for the Moving Picture Montage Preparation Guide, or the Editing Guide, or both. We’ll email them to you.

Give us a call at 702-240-6777 or use this contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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