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Can you put my video tapes onto a CD?

Actually, you’ll want us to transfer the video from your tapes to a DVD, not a CD. Yes, we can transfer your videos to DVD. The difference (in a nutshell) is that CDs are used for music/audio files, or for data files. A DVD is what you use for watching videos on your DVD player.

Can you make a copy of a DVD/CD or video?

Yes, we can. If you’re getting 1 or 2 or even a dozen, we use a process called “burning” to duplicate your discs.

Hey, I need 5,000 discs, can you do that?

Yes. For large quantities (usually 1,000 or more) we use a process called “replication” which is technospeak for making a single “master” and “stamping” the information onto a disk. That’s the way Hollywood does for movies you buy or rent. We can do the same thing and provide lots of packaging options, too.

Can you put my old 8mm film onto a DVD? We have a box full of film reels.

Yes, this is the fun stuff. We love 8mm film (both Regular 8 and Super 8). If you’d like to know the difference between the types, just ask us. We will clean your film and splice small reels onto larger reels for you. Next, we’ll record your film frame-by-frame and transfer it onto a DVD for you to watch. Then, you won’t have to worry about your projector burning your film or the weather deteriorating it. You’ll also notice quite an increase in picture quality over what you saw the last time you projected in onto a screen. We take pride in making your images look as good as possible.

Can I use my DVD to edit in Windows Movie Maker or iMovie?

No, not really. Playable DVDs (the kind you would watch in your DVD player) are not designed to be edited with anything, let alone those consumer level editors that came with your system. The best way to get your footage so you can edit it is to have your source converted into a file format. This could be anything from an .AVI or .WMV file to a .MOV or a .MP4. There are many different variations, resolutions and formats you can use, so just let us know what you wish to do and we can help you make the most informed decision.

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