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Shoot Your Business to the Top with the Right Video:

Successful business owners and managers take pride in their businesses and have passion for what they do.  Quality videos placed properly on a business’ website are crucial to the foundation of the business’ image.  A bad video can do more harm than good by creating a sloppy or cheap appearance that is contrary to the business’ image.  A good introductory video, at the very least, can help establish credibility and demonstrate that the business is really people.  Video is the best medium to tell your story. Patchin Pictures is your best choice for corporate video production in Las Vegas. Trust us to shoot your web videos that make a difference to you and your business. Here are some of the types of videos we produce:

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Patchin Pictures’ “Shoot Your Business” production packages give you a wide array of choices.  All good web videos need certain things, which include scripting, story-telling, location, lighting, verbal/visual delivery, shooting, sound, editing, titles/graphics, music, video file settings, video size, SEO compliance, page placement and browser compatibility.  Remember, you don’t have to know all these things yourself, or you may choose to do only some of these things yourself.  That’s why Patchin Pictures is here.  We can handle it all for you or guide you in any part of it. You can choose how you would like to work with us, taking on all, some, or none of the tasks yourself. Either way, we’re here to make sure you produce effective videos for your business.


Introduction for NDL Group:

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Shoot Your Business to the Top with Video Marketing

Video Works for Businesses

Video and online video marketing provide multiple benefits to your business.  At the very least, it helps you communicate more effectively with prospects and clients who visit your website.  This alone, makes it worth doing.  But video marketing does much more.  It improves your overall web presence, and, in the context of a targeted marketing system, it gets you conversions in the forms of branding, lead generation and actual sales.  After the sale, video improves the client interaction process and helps with client retention.  How does video and video marketing do all this?

Online Video and Video Marketing Build Your Success

  1. Stand-out attraction among online text search results, 52 TIMES more effective, providing more brand conversions.
  2. Multi-layered appeal in your call to action, engaging multiple senses and emotions, providing more lead conversions.
  3. Easy access to relevant and valuable information to assist in the sales process, including establishing your credibility, demonstrating your experience, showing your processes, and thus helping your sales conversions.
  4. Consistent overall branding of the company, making sales easier.
  5. Increased web traffic providing more opportunities to engage potential clients and collect more leads.
  6. Humanizing the business, showing the people who make the business what it is, and thus making it more attractive to clients and prospects, so they are more willing to work with you.

Your ROI Can Be Huge

The bottom line question is: What ROI can you expect from online video and video marketing?  To answer that, we ask these other questions first:

  1. Do your target clients search for your business online? The answer is YES, your clients DO search for your business online, whether it is before contacting you, during the sales interaction to “check you out”, or after becoming clients to stay connected.  85% of consumers research businesses online.  This makes your online presence important on multiple levels.
  1. What is the value of a client?  The value of a client could range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands and more.
  1. What is the cost of getting a client?  The cost of getting a client through online video and video marketing can be as little as a few dollars, with an investment of only a few hundred a month.  The bigger the investment, the more the reach, and thus the bigger potential for branding, getting leads, and closing sales. 

ROI is Measured in Sales and Conversions

ROI is usually measured in sales dollars versus the cost of getting those sales.  But it is also measured in conversions.  What are the factors contributing to sales?  They range from perceived quality of service to company reputation; from the company story to the methods of service delivery.  How does a company communicate these features and demonstrate their benefits to clients?  Personal relationships are effective one-on-one, but for a larger reach, businesses have to go beyond one-on-one communication to attract and sustain more of those relationships and communicate their benefits.  That is where online advertising and marketing come in, providing big ROI potential through three types of conversions:  brand conversions, lead conversions, and transaction conversions (sales).

Conversions Lead to Sales

Three types of conversions in advertising and marketing:

  • Brand Conversions: e.g.,a prospect visiting your website and downloading a PDF.
  • Lead Conversions:  e.g., a prospect visiting your website and providing contact information before downloading a PDF.
  • Transaction Conversions:  a prospect exchanging money for your services.

Marketing is Relationships

Successful businesses are founded on relationships, and good relationships thrive with good communication.  Maintaining relationships (thus getting and keeping clients) requires effective communication on multiple levels.  Businesses need to communicate with clients and prospects in the ways that are most effective and efficient.  That means using multiple modes of communication.  More and more, people are finding new ways to communicate using new technology through: mobile phones (calls, texts and pictures), social websites (forums, blogs and web links), and online video, which integrates well with all of these.  It is a mistake for a business to ignore these new modes of communication, no matter what the business is.  It would be like refusing to use a telephone in the 1980s.

Respond to Prospects’ Behavior

People looking for products and services do research online.  The easiest and most common method of research is online searches, especially through Google.  That means it is crucial that a competitive business have a strong web presence because people are looking for you online.  It is the sales person who closes a sale, but companies that do not have the collateral of easily visible and assessable on-line information will lose a large segment of the market.  Prospects who do not find your company online will find your competitors instead.  Even prospects who found you through sources other than the web are highly likely to “check you out” online.  For this reason alone, you need a strong web presence, and video gives you the strongest presence possible.

Use Online Search to Affect the Buying Cycle

Looking at the buying cycle, we immediately see the role and power of online search. Comprehensive research data from Google Labs in 2011 for business-to-business marketing shows that only personal contact from an individual sales rep can rival the use of online search for the conduct of product/service research at all decision phases in the buying cycle.  In other words: A strong presence in search results is crucial to the sales process.  That presence must reach beyond those searching only for the name of your business.  You need to stand out in the search results for relevant keywords in your industry, because your new prospects have not heard of you yet.

Combine Search with Video to Stand Out

Just “showing up” in searches is not enough, however.  The purpose of your advertising and marketing is to make your company stand out and to deliver leads.  You stand out by being most visible, most relevant, and by providing the easiest access to information.  Video has been shown to stand out above text results in searches, with 52 TIMES more attention-getting power than text.  Just imagine your company’s video showing up on page one of a Google search while your competitors only have text results.  Where do you think people will click?  Who do you think will get the lead?  Video has the most potential for connecting with the audience because it can engage people’s emotions as well as their logic.  Video has the power to drive action stronger than text.

Interact with Prospects through Video

Providing useful information to prospects and to existing clients gives you the edge with traffic to your site, and thus more branding strength.  Even information such as your shipping logistics and methods of managing the loads can increase client and potential client confidence.  Providing this information through video is more effective, and it is the preferred method of information delivery to most online visitors.  Video is the means for them to interact with you when they can not, or choose not to, interact with a sales rep.  You need connect with people better than your competition does.  Video allows you to do that.

Close Sales

Online video is integral to the conversion process, turning unconnected prospects into engaged leads, and turning those leads into customers.

Patchin Pictures’ Shoot Your Business Video Marketing Systems Get the Job Done

Patchin Pictures has been in business for more than 15 years, providing video production and marketing for all types of businesses and clients.  We have won 10 Emmys for our video production work, and we bring that important experience and expertise to our video marketing clients, too.  In this analysis, I did not even discuss the importance of high quality video in the effectiveness of online marketing.  Unlike most marketing companies, we know that high quality video is a must.  We excel in producing high quality video.  Now, with the new changes to Google and YouTube, the opportunities for making video serve the needs of businesses are greater than ever.  We are excited to bring together the power of video and the strength of targeted marketing so our clients can stand out best and stay ahead of their competition.  Patchin Pictures provides:

  1. High quality video to improve your web presence and increase brand conversions.
  2. Targeted video marketing to generate lead conversions.
  3. Tracking and accountability so you can measure your results.
  4. Use of video to enhance your interactions with prospects and clients, increasing sales and retention.
  5. Many other options using video and video marketing.

 Take the First Step

Patchin Pictures’ video production and video marketing have a strong ROI potential for most businesses.  Is yours one of them?  Call us for a free consultation.  We are focused on long-term results, and we want to prove it to you with your success.

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