Save Your Slides and Photos to Digital Files

Print resolution scans 39¢ each

Remember those boxes and trays of slides in the closet? What about all the trouble getting them out, and setting up a projector and screen just to watch them? You might remember the projector and screen even more than the slides themselves because it’s just so much trouble. That’s why Patchin Pictures® scans slides to digital files. Now you can get all your slides scanned and transferred to CD or DVD. Bring your boxes and trays of slides to Patchin Pictures® so you can see those precious memories again, archive them, and share them with family and friends.

Everyone has photo albums and even stacks of pictures, but few of us get a chance to share those with family and friends. It is just not practical. Even worse, pictures can get damaged or lost. Patchin Pictures® will scan your photo prints to digital files so you can share them easily on CDs, DVDs and through e-mail. This gives you the chance to enjoy them more than ever while knowing you have saved them from being destroyed in a fire or flood and from deteriorating over time. Have Patchin Pictures® scan your pictures today so they will be safe tomorrow, and have us make extra copies as backups, too.