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Welcome to your trusted Las Vegas video production and duplication source for families and businesses since 1996. At Patchin Pictures®, we’ll meet all your video needs, and we’ll do it right.

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Whether you need duplication and video production for your business or your family, we have what you’re looking for. To serve your business, “Shoot Your Business” is the answer. It’s a custom package of services that includes options for shooting your own videos with our help, having Patchin Pictures do everything for you, or a special combination, whereby you do what you can, and we do the rest. Our newest offering for families is our DVD, “How to Shoot Your Kid, Video Basics Plus.”  It shows you how to shoot better videos and make them the ones people love to watch. We want to be your partners in making the quality videos you need, and we’re happy to show you how to do more yourself. That’s what makes Patchin Pictures unique. From photo-video montages to extensive productions; from single tape to DVD transfers to large scale duplication and replication, we are your experts and your trusted source since 1996. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

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