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Rock Waterfall by Steve Patchin

Rock Waterfall Impressions by Steve Patchin

Photo Painting This expressionistic image started with a very plain and realistic high desert photo I shot in Montana. The composition was good, but it needed something more. So as I worked on it, the picture evolved into a wild waterfall behind some crazy trees. From just rocks and a mountain to a waterfall, yes, it…

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What is Art?

With the knowledge that the auction record for a photograph is $4.3 million (see my blog $4.3 Million for a Photograph?) a discussion about art and photography is appropriate, but more generally, a discussion about what art is. I’ve called myself a photographer since the 80s, but I didn’t think about whether or not I…

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I Could Have Shot that with My Phone

Are we losing our ability to discern good from bad? What’s the difference between junk snapshots and artistic photography? As we browse through social media sites, endless photo sharing sites, and other online newsfeeds, we see hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures daily. The ubiquitous nature of photography diminishes the value and uniqueness of good photographs.…

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Bike Roundup

I had a lot of fun making this complicated composite, working with four of my favorite things: cycling, Red Rock, photography and photo editing. Thank you to my friend Eric Sande for being the cycling cowboy and providing some of the bikes. Without his classic bikes, this picture would not be nearly as cool or…

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$4.3 Million for a Photograph?

The record auction selling price for a photograph is $4.3 million for Rhein II by Andreas Gursky. Could this photograph really be worth the price? Here’s the simple answer: It’s worth the price if someone pays it. Beyond that, what does a huge purchase price for a photograph mean? Does the high price mean the…

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Belknap Bridge, Oregon

Click the image above or the link here to see the 360 degree tour of Belknap Bridge:

Uncle Phil Maloof Auto Collection

This is an extensive virtual tour of Uncle Phil Maloof’s Auto Collection. There are more than 36 fully interactive panoramas, some of which are unusual composite images to provide a unique feel for sitting in the cars out on the street. Spend some time exploring. Each room is different, and we’ll be adding more views…

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Las Vegas Skyline Interactive Panorama 2014

See the entire Las Vegas Strip in an interactive panorama: Vegas Skyline 2014. You can zoom and pan, checking out the whole strip from the Stratosphere to the Mandalay Bay. This panorama was shot on March 13, 2014 and is made of 77 images (11 sets of 7 images for HDR, or High Dynamic Range).…

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Mango Holder

We produced this video so the client could get funding for expanded production of his mango holder. [resp_video][/resp_video] For more information on Patchin Pictures’ video production services, call us at 702-240-6777 or go to We do all types of video production, DVD and CD duplication, DVD and CD transfers, as well as photography, 360…

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DVDs and Digital Copies

We’ve been having a lot of people coming in getting their materials transferred to DVD lately, and often we’re being asked “Can I watch this on my iPad?”  Well, I’m going to throw out some tidbits that may make the answer to that question seem pretty clear; the answer is  “No!” Simple, huh? Not to…

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