Rock Waterfall Impressions by Steve Patchin

Rock Waterfall by Steve Patchin

Photo Painting

This expressionistic image started with a very plain and realistic high desert photo I shot in Montana. The composition was good, but it needed something more. So as I worked on it, the picture evolved into a wild waterfall behind some crazy trees. From just rocks and a mountain to a waterfall, yes, it seems crazy. But that’s the fun of not trying so hard to force a picture into becoming something, but rather letting it “create itself.” I worked with various techniques to achieve the flow and colors that felt right, although the first version was very bright and intense, much more orange.

Perceptions and Opinions

I posted a comparison of this image with the more intensely colored version on Facebook, asking for opinions on which one is more appealing. It came out slightly in favor of this more muted version, which is the one I always preferred, myself. I enjoyed hearing the different perceptions on it, though. So here it is, a unique picture that will look good on a variety of different media. It is not your average photo-realistic shot that people like easily and forget quickly. This is more challenging, requiring some effort to discover its moods, but also leaving much to discover over time. For the right person, it is not something that will become stale over time, but rather more intriguing. Give me a call at 702-240-6777 to find out more about print options, and feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested. Also check out my art photography page: There, you’ll find a big variety of styles, from realism to impressionism, wilderness to cities.

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About the Author

Steve is the founder of Patchin Pictures and has been a photographer, videographer and producer for more than 25 years. He started Patchin Pictures in 1997. Aside from the work he does for business clients and individuals, Steve creates photographs for sale as art prints on metal and canvas. Visit his gallery at Patchin Pictures Studios. Steve also enjoys cycling.
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