Death Ride 2012: One Guy’s Experience

Pssssshh—a hissing sound like that of a soda can being opened isn’t something I wanted to hear coming from the direction of my bike tire.  I was cycling up a steep mountain and had time limits to meet.  Shortly after passing a rider who was changing his inner tube, and thinking that’s not going to…

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Choosing a Video Production and Marketing Company

There’s More to It than That Because, as consumers, we are inundated with visual media every day (pictures, magazines, product packages, billboards, TV, movies, DVDs, web videos, and more) we often underestimate the creative and technical effort required to create good advertising.  It is easy for us to think that someone just pulls out a…

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Video Camera Exposure

Control your camera’s exposure to get better shots. (Click on the title if the video is not visible). [resp_video][jwplayer config=”Home Video” file=”” image=””][/resp_video]   In Part 4 of How to Shoot Your Kid, I’ll show you how to control the exposure of your video camera, and improve your shooting, no matter what camera you use.…

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Seven Steps Using Video to Get More Customers

Successful business owners and managers take pride in their businesses and have passion for what they do.  That’s why more and more businesses are integrating video into their marketing.  Quality videos placed properly on a business’ website are crucial to the foundation of the business’ image.  A bad video can do more harm than good…

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Use Video Marketing to Improve Your Business

Video marketing can make a difference in your business. (Click on the title if the video is not visible).

Bike MS Las Vegas 2011

A video about riding in Bike MS 2011. (Click on the title if the video is not visible).

Deer Creek & Lee Canyon

Just a little cycling fun at Mt. Charleston, Nevada.  (Click on the title if the video is not visible).

Hard Hundred

I just couldn’t understand why I was so exhausted after only 47 miles of riding. Yes, I’d just climbed from my house in Vegas, up past Red Rock Overlook, out to the 160, up and over Mt. Potosi, and almost all the way into Lovell Canyon Road, but my mind was on 100 miles. I’d…

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Tour de France

While I was watching the Tour de France, my eleven-year-old daughter started asking questions about the race. During an early stage, some of the riders were in a break away (in the front), and I told her the real contenders were farther back and weren’t concerned with these particular stage leaders at the moment. “How…

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The Art of Bonking

You don’t have to do everything wrong to bonk while riding your bike. It just takes one or two misguided choices, and you’ll find yourself on your bike wanting only to get off and leave your two wheeled contraption leaning against a stop sign while you sit on the ground, intending never to get up…

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