Bike Roundup

I had a lot of fun making this complicated composite, working with four of my favorite things: cycling, Red Rock, photography and photo editing. Thank you to my friend Eric Sande for being the cycling cowboy and providing some of the bikes. Without his classic bikes, this picture would not be nearly as cool or…

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$4.3 Million for a Photograph?

The record auction selling price for a photograph is $4.3 million for Rhein II by Andreas Gursky. Could this photograph really be worth the price? Here’s the simple answer: It’s worth the price if someone pays it. Beyond that, what does a huge purchase price for a photograph mean? Does the high price mean the…

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Las Vegas Strip New Year Fireworks 2015

This is a giga-panorama that allows you to zoom in and pan around the image as well as zoom out and see the whole picture. Click on this tour link to experience the interactive tour and get a close look at the Las Vegas fireworks. This unique picture is available in metal and canvas prints…

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Panorama of Milky Way over Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge

Click here to see the virtual tour. This is a giga-panorama of the Milky Way over Phranagat Wildlife Refuge, Nevada. You can zoom in to see a high level of detail in the stars. Look to the north-east (to the left of the orange glow, just above the road) and you can see the Andromeda…

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Belknap Bridge, Oregon

Click the image above or the link here to see the 360 degree tour of Belknap Bridge:

Zion Park and Virgin River from the Bridge

Milky Way Galaxy Over Marsh

This is a full 360 degree panorama of the Milky Way Galaxy over a marsh in the wilderness of Pine Valley, Utah taken June 8, 2014. Click the image to see the full 360 degree panorama. See the full 360 degree panorama here.

Custom Harley Davidson at Red Rock

Uncle Phil Maloof Fun House Virtual Tour

This is an extensive virtual tour of Uncle Phil Maloof’s Fun House. These are fully interactive panoramas, and some of them are “giga” panoramas, meaning they are so large, you can zoom into them and see details up close. Here you will find rare theater organs, some of the last working theater organs in the…

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Uncle Phil Maloof Auto Collection

This is an extensive virtual tour of Uncle Phil Maloof’s Auto Collection. There are more than 36 fully interactive panoramas, some of which are unusual composite images to provide a unique feel for sitting in the cars out on the street. Spend some time exploring. Each room is different, and we’ll be adding more views…

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